The depth of face to face therapy. In your location; in your time zone.


Dr Xi Liu is passionate about improving access in mental health services for rural and hard to reach clients; as well as those in urban areas who are unable to find appropriate services. Xi is a warm and empathic therapist who works hard to develop a strong trusting relationship with clients in order to tackle pervasive life patterns. She is dedicated to adapting the supportive and attuned face to face therapy space into the Online Therapy environment.

Xi hosts a monthly Special Interest Group with the International Society for Schema Therapy in the area of Online Therapy. She has presented in conferences in Amsterdam, Rome and Sydney on the practical and clinical issues relating to offering Schema Therapy and emotions related therapies online.

Online Therapy is not the same as face to face therapy. However, for some clients it may be the only or even the best option available. It is not unusual to feel a little hesitant about starting Online Therapy. This may or may not be for you. However, there is substantial research to show that, when done well, a strong therapy relationship is just as likely to be formed in Online Therapy as it is in traditional face to face therapy. Some clients have even reported that they prefer the convenience and intimacy of Online Therapy.

An assessment is conducted to determine if your life issues are suited for online therapy. Great care is taken to ensure that you feel supported eventhough you are only stepping into a "virtual" therapy room rather than a physical one. At we provide therapy via the platform Zoom.



Benefits to online therapy include:

  • Suited to clients are on the move for work or lifestyle purposes

  • No travel time or travel costs

  • Access in remote areas without adequate mental health services

  • Don't lose continuity with your therapist


Online therapy with

  • Focus on building trust, intimacy and engagement with you

  • Adapt face to face therapy strategies to online environment

  • Personalise communication to overcome distance of online therapy