I came to see Xi as I was going through a very stressful time when my company was going through an aggressive restructuring. Xi helped me stay grounded, gain perspective and work on my childhood wounds.
I highly recommend her therapy services for anyone looking to do some inward looking work and make some compassionate changes.
— Urban Planner
If you know anyone who could benefit from life coaching or therapy and are bogged down by the drudgery of living in NYC (who isn’t), wanna talk to someone? Look no further! She is one of the most intelligent, educated & compassionate people I have ever known.
— Artist
You are a kind and compassionate person. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I will never forget the skills I learnt.
— Teacher
Saudades - the Portuguese word that has no English translation - a sense of the truest longing for a place or a time that no longer exists.

In a recent session with Xi, I explored this feeling about closing a chapter in my life. The essence of that word surrounded me, along with the comforting sense of all people who have ever experienced it.

Almost immediately, I felt safe in my decision to let go because I understood what it meant to be member of the collective human experience.

Xi has gently given me vital tools necessary to pass from a place of resistance, into a part of myself I never before knew I had access to. The experience has been life changing and life affirming.
— Non Profit Program Coordinator

Work with Non Profit Organizations

My experience working with Xi in a non-profit setting has been a joy. Her mindfulness workshops have not only strengthened my approach to client engagement, but have also provided me with a deeper connection to my own self-care as a direct service provider.
— Rebecca, Supervisor at Non Profit Organization
Xi facilitated several mindfulness groups with me and my coworkers at a non profit organization that works with homeless youth in NYC. The nature of our jobs can be very stressful, chaotic, and unpredictable and Xi was able to provide us with a meditative space that allowed us to be present in the moment with our emotions in a non judgmental manner. Xi’s mindfulness practice was very helpful and promoted self care and stress relief.
— Bree, Case Manager at Non Profit Organization


Xi Liu is a warm and empathetic therapist, who immediately sets clients at ease. She is highly skilled at combining ideas from a range of therapeutic techniques to create a tailored treatment plan for the needs of each individual. she has an intuitive way of working that cuts to the core of complex problems, and she has an ability to meet each client exactly where they are at, without rushing or pushing any agenda.

More than that, she brings her own personal style and humor to her work, and has the ability to make therapy fun and engaging - it doesn’t need to be all tears and reflection. I have no hesitation recommending her as a therapist, and found her to be an excellent handover clinician for my own clients. She was able to assist my clients through the transition with sensitivity and compassion, and paid close attention the treatment they had received whilst in my care.
— Liesbeth Geerligs, Clinical Psychologist