When we have a tooth ache, we see a dentist. If we have an injury, we see a the doctor. Why do we hesitate to seek help for the painful burdens that block us from that meaningful life we want? 

Life Therapy was created to make high quality therapy available to more people by removing any labels or stigma and by offering affordable accessible treatment. 

Affordable, accessible and compassionate treatment is here.  


About Dr Xi Liu

Dr Xi Liu, Director and Principal Life Therapist, has successfully treated hundreds of clients with ongoing sadness, stress, anxiety, relationship difficulties, or other life challenges. Dr Xi Liu is a registered Clinical Psychologist in Australia. She has practiced in Sydney, New York City and is now located in Barcelona, Spain. Xi's international and modern orientation makes her a great choice for foreign born, creative and Non Profit sector clients. She also works extensively with individuals who identify as LGBTQ and people of color.

Xi is also a certified Advanced Schema Therapist and Supervisor. She has trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness and Complicated Grief Therapy.

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Make the first step to get unstuck

It is understandable if you are unsure about starting therapy. It is also common to feel unsure as to whether you need therapy. Or you might want to "check out" the therapist and see if we have any rapport.

We can set up a free 20 minute online introduction so you can ask questions and talk through your concerns. 

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About Life Therapy

The purpose of Life Therapy is not to give you a diagnosis or pathologize your life issue. Rather, we recognize that having struggles is part of being human. You will learn to identify the pervasive life patterns that cause challenges, identify how they manifest into 'stuck points' in your life and learn skills to challenge, cope and prevent future occurrences. These challenges can be understood in the context of upbringing, life experiences, social circumstances, culture and society. 

The mission in creating Life Therapy was to reduce the stigma of seeking support for mental health. Therapy can be seen as a “gym for the mind” - and sessions ought to be accessible from a financial and cultural point of view.  These values are strongly reflected in her authentic and genuine therapy approach. 

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