What is coaching, therapy and Life Therapy?

Read this insightful article about differences between therapy and coaching by the American Psychological Association. The goal of Life Therapy NYC is to cater for clients who are in the space between therapy and coaching. As the article describes, therapy is about healing and coaching is about following the trail of dreams. But often there are so many stuck points and patterns of behavior that prevents us from following that trail of dreams. The motto of “just do it” just doesn’t fly.

Focusing solely on a coaching model can lead to frustration when there is continued incongruence between intentions and behavior i.e. no matter how hard we try or how strong our conviction is, we end up engaging in behavior that is unhelpful or even destructive. Or sometimes our environment can also act as a obstacle.   

Life therapy works to bridge that incongruence by using therapy methodologies to uncover the ‘stuck points’. These stuck points may be intense shame or sense of failure, childhood experiences, efforts to numb uncomfortable emotions, over self sacrificing, inability to create boundaries, unrelenting high standards, etc. Or one may feel stuck in a specific role that manifest at work and relationships. Whatever the stuck point, they lay beneath the surface and what we see are symptoms of depression, anxiety, grief, anger and so forth. Traditional therapy can focus on these symptoms without treating the root cause. At Life Therapy NYC, we focus on the whole of life improvement. We take the clients through the whole journey of uncovering the causes of poor mental health, develop skills to improve wellbeing and identify life values and goals. See our Life Therapy page for more information about our methodology.